Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer 2012

My summer was pretty darn good, if you ask me. It started off with me working. I got an extra month of work at Poston doing summer school!! Which was way nice!!! My first trip was going to Paige's cabin with a bunch of other friends. So much fun, throwing knives, swimming hole, games and movies. The weekend after the cabin we went to Idaho. Our reunion was a blast!! We had our own family Olympics. We got medals and everything!!! :)) My uncle put chocolate on a necklace pretty sweet. After our reunion we went back to Idaho Falls and got to spend another week and a half there. We went to the snake river to watch the Melaleuca firework show which is always amazing. My siblings, 2 other cousins and I decided we wanted to go to Lagoon so we packed up the car and i drove the 3 hours there and the 3 back. It was so much fun hanging out with Nathan and Garrett, we obviously don't see them much so to spend a whole day with no one else to bother us was wonderful! After Lagoon we just hung out for a week and then came home... and now it's time to go back to school/work... and I can honestly say I am excited. I'm ready to be doing something during the day... 

Here are a few of my favorites from this summer. Enjoy.

David took us to this look-out point near Paiges cabin... it was beautiful.

Aunt T and I. Love this lady with all my heart.

So, we took the quad out for a ride. Yes, we put 4 people on it :))

Picture from Lagoon. The boys don't like pictures so this is one of the few i got.

Lo and I. We decided that we should make the family play Russian Roulette with eggs. We had half of the eggs boiled and half raw. GREAT TIMES.

The siblings decided they wanted to play their own round.

Lo and I decided to attack T with some egg yoke. This was us making up for being so mean.

This is one of my favorite little girls ever. She makes her own faces and they are hysterical.

Boom Ball... BEST GAME EVER!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Breeja Larson, USA Olympian

This is Breeja. We have been friends since I was in junior high and she was in elementary school. We always had so much fun together. She was in the ward next to ours but then GUESS WHAT!!! Her and her family moved across the street from us!! Party!! We went on walks, had parties, did lots together. Well, her family moved to Boise. Sad day!!! I didn't know what i was going to do!!! 
She ended up moving back to Mesa with her Uncle and Aunt to try to get a scholarship in swimming. Then her life changed. She got a full ride scholarship to Texas A&M. She progressed more than anyone would have thought. At the NCAA finals she came out of nowhere and broke records. She then went to Olympic trials. That's where these pictures are from :)) her swimming to be on the Olympic team and then her reaction when she found out it was official :))

So the whole town came together and we bought shirts and did everything we could to help her parents get to London to watch their daughter race on the biggest stage in the world.

She passed through pre-lims with a breeze. That was the easy stuff. She got first in her heat. This race was at 2:43 AM Arizona time. Ya, stayed up to watch it.

 Then it was time for semi finals. Scary right? ya... well yet again easy peasy lemon squeezy. Got into the finals no problem.... Now we had to wait 24 hours to watch her race in the final!!!

It was finally race day!!! Monday, July 30,2012, 12:15 PM. Breeja Larson was going to race the biggest race of her life. The starting timer had technical difficulties and went off early which made Breeja have a false start. Everyone cheering for Breeja, their heart stopped. Some cried, some were in shock, no one knew what to do... all we could think was please don't be disqualified. Well because it was technical difficulties she was okay. They got everything fixed and it was finally race time. And this is what happened.... 

We could not be more proud of Breeja. She came out of no where, no one knowing who she was and was now racing in London at the Olympics.

Even though she got 6th we could not be more proud. She still will race with a relay team. Breeja Larson, everyone now knows your name. You are so amazing and we have enjoyed watching you. Keep up your good work. Can't wait to see you!! Love you lady!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Now the story for the pictures :))

So for Spring Break I had planned on doing a lot of NOTHING, and I was very excited to do so. I got a text from Dani asking if I wanted to go to a cabin with her family and some of her extended family. I obviously had alot going on so I cancelled all of my plans to go up north to Heber and get away from Mesa. Monday morning we loaded up and left. Not returning till Thursday. Everyone got up there and we had 13 kids there, plus 5 adults. Holy craziness. It was so much fun!!! There was still a little bit of snow, so we played in that and the wash. Made s'mores, roasted hot dogs, took lots of pictures and had a complete blast. Thursday came wayyyyy to fast, but it was nice to be out of town for the time we were. These are only some of the pictures I took... crazy I know, but I love pictures oh so much!!! I have lots of things I need to post about and get caught up on, hopefully I will do that soon. For now, Enjoy!!

Lots Of Pictures